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return flights to UK from Dubai

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Does anyone know of any good websites/contacts to get good deals for return flights to the UK from Dubai?

anything cheaper than emirates?
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BA, Virgin, Royal Brunei, KLM (with a change), SwissAir (with a change), Air France (with a change)

Plenty of carriers

Try Asia Travel Hotels Resorts Air Ticketing Tours Packages Reservation
Only problem with Expedia, you can't pay for the flights from an account here. Has to be from your UK account.

At least, that was my experience
Is there a website that you can input dubai or abu dhabi and it will search for 'specials' too all areas?
i use www kayak co uk
(couldnt post link)
it is easy to see the flights you want and has many filters.
you can link direct to the recommended flights or just use the links to book your own.
only restrictions i have had problems with is that some operators insist that the booking card holder has to travel, which is no good when i book for my daughter or wife.
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