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Hello there,

I am Citizen of Australia. My wife and daughter were holding Permanent resident visa from Aug 2011 to Aug 2016 (5yrs), and which has expired.
Out of 5 years my family has spent 2.5 years as a permanent resident (meets resident requirement of 155)
Even if we consider the period of 5 yrs(July2012 to June2017) just before applying now(july2017), still they have spent 2.3yrs (766 days) as permanent residents.

But their last visit to Australia was in April 2016 i.e. after visa expiry they have spent more than 3 months outside Australia (almost a year), and applying RRV from outside Australia.

Out of Sub-class 155 and 157, which visa would they get?

Due to point-"outside Australia for more than 3 months" will they get 157?

The travel facility differs(155- 5yr & 157-3mon) so its really important to plan.

Many Thanks in Advance!
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