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Hello all and thanks in advance for your help. I have been searching the web for articles that will explain the long-term process of residency in Spain and have come up short.

I was married in Spain in 2010 and so entered the country with a residence and work permit based on my marriage. I was then divorced after 2.5 years of marriage. Directly following my divorce I applied to have my residency based on marriage transferred to a residency granted because I am working (I have a permanent contract as an English professor).

The card I received when I applied after the divorce is good for two years.

Can anyone tell me what happens next, when that card expires?

I'm mostly interested in the time periods and the benefits.

I.E. Do I simply reapply at the expiration time of this current card and receive another one with the same benefits? Will the next card be a two-year card? What will happen after the next card expires?

What I would really like is a book, publication or accurate website to study on these matters but have yet to find one.

Can anyone help with the details? Thanks so much, William
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