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Hullo everyone,
Just started filling in this residency application form and need your help.

Do you or any other person included in this application, intend to enter a hospital or health(including nursing homes) while in Oz?


What should I answer?

Also, because I do not want any complications from DIAC, I have decided that I will not include any other applicants. I wont include any family members like parents, brothers or sisters coz I feel this will require alot of paper work yet I do not see them ever coming to Oz in the near future.
Anyway, m just trying to do it alone. am single - so no partner details to include.

Please advise if this is a good way to go about this or its risky?

They also ask how much I intend to bring to Oz but at the moment am not sure what I will have accumulated by the time DIAC issues the visa.

Can I submit my application without the IELTS results and the assessments? These might take some time and am just trying to apply before DIAC makes changes to the MODL later this month as rumored!

Please help answer these queries.

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Hi Zenji

when u say u do not want to include other applicants, it is not clear, u can only include dependents and partner, and for tht too u have to prove they are dependents and for a spouse u have to give proof that he/she is ur partner. u can't just include sisters, brothers, parents like that.

when they ask howm uch u intend to bring, many ppl leave it blank but the minimum is about 20-30kA$. if u have that much or more u can enter any figure, but dont make it less thn 30k.

u want to submit ur application without getting assessed? u cant apply without getting assessed. as for ielts, if u are from non english speaking country u have to submit the same with the application, it is mandatory. its better to submit all required documents else they reject your application.
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