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I’m about to start my application for a Residence Card (EEAFM). My husband is Spanish and I’m Australian. We have been together since 2011 and just got married over a month ago. We just wanted to double check that we are doing things correctly so far, and have some questions. Apologies in advance for the long post.

We have lived together here in the UK since 2013 and have collected for our application:
• Tenancy agreements, joint bank account statements, council tax, internet / energy bills: All in both names / same address since 2013
• Marriage certificate, photos from wedding, letters and cards from family and friends
• Financial evidence – husband’s contract, pay slips

For any time we spent apart from 2011 to 2013:
• Plane tickets / itineraries / receipts of travel / photographs - documenting time together in Spain and Australia, and of holidays together in other countries
• Personal emails, Facebook messages, public Facebook posts, text / WhatsApp messages, Skype logs, letters, cards – all covering any time apart since 2011 – 2013

I am in the process of arranging supporting statements from family and friends too.

We also have the following questions:

• We will be applying for the EEAFM with my husband as a qualified worker. He does not have a Registration Certificate. 1) Is it necessary for him to apply for one at the same time? Does it impact the application at all?
He is currently on a fixed term contract until April 2016 working as a civil servant for the Scottish Government. After April 2016 he will have his contract extended until October 2016. He is also undertaking the fast stream process to become a permanent civil servant (which would overwrite any contract), but this process won’t be complete until after the application. 2) Could this (as opposed to already having permanent employment) negatively impact the application?

• He has both a Passport and a Spanish National Identity Card. Even though it says both are accepted on the form, 3) do they prefer a Passport over an I.D card? (Just going off past experience with the UK not being so great about I.D cards)

• My personal status – I had to leave my full time job in Edinburgh at the end of last year and fly home to Australia (I stayed 4 months as I had an immediate family member pass away whilst I was there). Since returning and moving to Glasgow I’ve been unable to find another job, due to my Tier 5 visa expiring. I’m also a full time student, online from Australia. 4) Is the fact that I’m not currently working likely to impact negatively on my application?

• 5) From previous applications, what is the average waiting time on a response? What happens during this time period, where I am without a passport? Do they provide some sort of identity document, stating they have my passport so I can travel? Can I ask for my passport back, before the outcome of my application? I’m assuming I will be unable to work without a visa or a passport.

• 6) If the outcome is negative, how long do they give me before I have to leave the UK?

7) Would you recommend getting some help to put together our application, such as a solicitor or something similar? As you are no doubt all aware, this is all very stressful and we are worried we could be missing something / or getting confused with conflicting information.

Thanks very much in advance, and sorry again for the long post :)
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