Millennials in Britain are willing to consider moving thousands of miles to improve their careers, suggesting that they are a new generation of expats who can take advantage of the digital age.

Some 85% are considering developing their transferable skills to enable them to work anywhere, any time and it is the emerging digital industries that are peaking their interest the most, according to new research.

They are looking to be flexible in terms of work, working hours and where they are located. Indeed, the research from mobile current account providers Monese suggests they are willing to move thousands of miles.

They regard working overseas as a way of enhancing their careers and job prospects and are encouraged to do so by a desire to get away from a boring nine to five routine, the research also suggests.

Some 38% want to experience a different approach to business and 36% think moving abroad provides them the opportunity to challenge themselves out of their comfort zone.

Furthermore, it seems by the age of 25 they are already feeling their office-based career has reached a dead end, as 32% consider moving abroad a chance to restart their careers and 71% are aiming to work for themselves in the next five years.

But they also acknowledge there are negatives to moving abroad. Some 77% said that they are put off moving to a different continent by the hassle of administration such as obtaining a visa and work permit and opening a local bank account.

Norris Koppel, chief executive officer of Monese, believes that the research reveals a real desire for change and freedom. ‘With modern day advances in technology, there is no longer a need for working life to involve being present in one place, town, or even country,’ he said.

‘Young people want to be able to travel, see the world and live independently of geographical restraints, whilst still developing as a professional and offering their expertise to businesses across the world,’ he explained.

‘The digital nomad generation is very much the future for business. Companies would be well advised to be as embracing and hospitable as possible to attract the best talent,’ he added.

The research also found that 37% believe moving abroad results in increased work opportunities while 33% think that it would provide increased diversity in the workforce and 36% that it could create a more culturally aware workforce.