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repeat medicals?

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just wondering do they do a medical test when you get to australia? i hate needles!!!!!
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No they dont.. I dont see a reason why they would :)

The trauma of going through one is enough :lol:

If you apply for permanant residence and your last medicals were more than 12months ago then they repeat then costs 1200 dollars for a family of 4 if you ask me its a licence to print money, wish I had thought of it--------------not funny when our UKmedicals were only done last april

i got my visa already, and im moving in a months time, do you mean i will have to do my medicals again in melbourne?
Do you have permanant residence if not and your medicals are over 12 months old when you apply you will have to repeat them so if you want to stay permanantly make sure you apply before 12 months thats all xx

cheers i have permanent residence, just waiting to move yo melbourne,
i am so with you on that one - i hate needles too! though i constantly work with them (no, im not a druggie=p)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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