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Renting Flat/apartment in Manchester

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Hello Everyone,

We are foreigners who are jobseekers that would want to move to Manchester. We are looking for a flat or studio type apartment exclusively for 2 persons that is safe and accessible for public transportation and also inclusive of all the bills. I have heard that there are some good reasonable areas in Manchester like Didsbury, Whittington, Chorlton and Salford Quays. As we browsed through the net we saw some that fits our budget, our budget range from 300-450 Pounds pcm.

1.) Among the places mentioned ,what is the safest area and most accessible for public transportation to the center? Can you suggest other areas?
2.) Can you give us an idea of what are the details that the foreign tenants should know to rent a flat/ apartment in Manchester?
3.) What are the expectations in terms of payment? do we need to do advance payments and deposit?
4.) Is it necessary to get an agent? if yes can you please recommend us an office that we can contact through phone or email?

thank you so much in advance.
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Hi Joanne,

This would definitely help.

Yeah actually Didsbury is also our priority.
Didsbury is one of the smartest addresses within Manchester, with prices to match. Areas just outside, like Withington (note spelling) and West Didsbury will be cheaper and nearly as attractive. I wouldn't move any closer to Central Manchester like Fallowfield, Rusholme, Moss Side, Longsight or Hulme as they can be noisier and rougher. I have lived in one of those areas so I know.

We are so concerned about the credit rating in uk and specially the 6months advance payments coz this will exhaust all of our savings. Are there other alternative that we can suffice for crediting rating? if yes, what are those documents that we need to present?
Alternative would be to have a UK-based guarantor like a relative (in full-time job and property owner) who undertakes to pay your rent when you can't. They will have to be credit-checked and pass.

So that we can maximize our time , do you think it would be better if we start emailing some agents and give them our tentative schedule to be there in UK?
You are unlikely to be taken seriously until you actually walk into their office or phone them from within UK, unless they specialise in corporate lets and deal directly with your employer.
hi Joppa,

Thanks so much for your reply. I will take note of that what you said.

My partner has a cousin working in London (we still need to confirm if he is working full-time). Do you think he could qualify as guarantor if he is working full-time even if he's staying in a different city? if yes, what are the documents that we need from him?
That shouldn't be a problem. He will have to complete a form supplied by the landlord or letting agent and usually enclose bank statement and proof of property ownership such as mortgage statement, utility bill for proof of address plus copy of photo ID like passport or driving licence. Remember he will be contractually liable to pay your rent if you default.
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