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Hi forum,

I am curious about renovation experiences in Paris. I am thinking of purchasing with an eye toward hiring a property manager and improving a unit with cosmetic renovations and adding a second bathroom for family use type stuff. Preferably a RDC with digicode and courtyard. Total budget not to exceed 675,00/700,000. Preference for 18th and 9th. 90 sq meters or more.

What I would like to know:

1- Do you know of a real estate agency which has some semi run-down listings? I have aggressively researched the normal ones, and that's provided a nice array of places that are a bit too small and already renovated.

2- Have you ever renovated an apartment in Paris? Stories to tell an innocent..

3- Do you have a moderately run down unit you want to sell in a year or so? Probz not, but worth asking.

I'm in the early planning stages. Still have to sell American house. But, I like a good internet scouring. I'm more prepared that way for numbers, variables, possibilities.

Replies, please share agencies that have any (?) renovation properties. It appears not to be a common category on RDC, Efficity, Immobilier, Explore Immo, LaForet, Connexion, PAP, Le Bon Coin, and 10 or so others. I do quite like Efficity, however. Not too ridiculous and overly marketed. I hate real estate agencies. I feel robbed from the start..

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