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I like to know the procedure to renew EU blue card as my 3 year term will end in few months. Do we need to do that through agency or we can do it alone. I have changed company and house address within France. So have to provide new job contract and house address when i renew. Anybody have similar experience of changing job in blue card.

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I just did that on my own, but you will need lots of help from your employer.
the link below describes what is needed, but some documents are not listed, here is a list as well.
The employer should provide you with some documents related to the payment of cotisation and the kbis (all described in supporting documents of the cerfa 15615*01
please note that these are related to the docs required in my prefecture, sometimes it would slightly differ from one place to another (for example searching the web, I found a neighboring prefecture asking for cerfa 15615*02 and sometimes a completely different number) also a couple of documents I had to go pick up at the prefecture (a form to fill, an attestation to sign and the document to put my signature that appears on teh card)... One document said that I had to sign in front of the prefecture employee, I had to go to the pre-acceil again to ask about that and I was told that in my case just fill the form and sign and ignore that part.

then with my prefecture I had to send this by post, so again you would need to know what is the procedure with your prefecture.

enjoy !

Pièces à fournir :

Votre visa de long séjour
Votre passeport (pages relatives à l'état civil, aux dates de validité et aux cachets d'entrée)
1 extrait d'acte de naissance avec filiation ou 1 copie intégrale d'acte de naissance
Si vous êtes marié : extrait d'acte de mariage
Si vous avez des enfants : extraits d'acte de naissance de vos enfants avec filiation
Justificatif de domicile datant de moins de 3 mois
3 photos
Formulaire cerfa n° 15615*01
Contrat de travail conclu avec une entreprise établie en France
Justificatif de ressources supérieures ou égales à 53 836,50 €
Diplôme de niveau Bac +3 ou tout document justifiant d'au moins 5 années d'expérience professionnelle de niveau comparable
Documents remplis par votre employeur

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