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I searched and could only find a few discussions that were a few years old. I thought I’d ask again because as I understand, a few things have changed.

I am interested in working remotely for a US company while living in Spain. The two options I’ve heard mentioned are non-lucrative and autonomo visas - the first one sounding a lot easier. Financial means aren’t an issue - I have enough in the bank to cover 3 years of expenses.

More about my situation… it’s a complicated one. I am a middle aged computer programmer. I am looking to switch jobs to one that is 100% remote. My wife and I want to move to Spain. My wife is currently working to get her Italian passport straightened out so we could be EU. Unfortunately that is taking a while and it will be a while before her online business is ready anyway. Sadly, when I made this career change (was a jazz guitarist, but switched to programming) two years ago, I got an amazing “foot in the door” job opportunity in another state - so we’re already (unfortunately) living apart. When I get my remote job, it actually would be cheaper to move to Spain if I can. We’ve been saving like crazy for an apartment so what we have in the bank is more than enough to show that we can support ourself for years (even though we wouldn’t need to touch it.) So (if we can) the plan would be for me to go over and work remotely until she gets her visa sorted out and then she comes to join me and we live our dream life.

I’ve read that this has been difficult in the past. But I’ve also heard that things have loosened up a bit. I’ve also heard that it depends on the consulate where you apply (Houston in my case). I was curious:

  1. Any recent experience with this?
  2. Any suggestions? Resources?
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