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I was hoping to get any general advice relating to our relocation to Dubai.

My wife has recently secured a Head teacher’s post for an International School which is amazing news. So our family will be moving out at the end of 2015. My predicament is my job and realistically what I can do when I get out there. I expect that for the first couple of months I will take on the role of adjusting the kids into a new way of life and getting them settled. From there I want to work but my current post is not one that I feel has a sector in the UAE.

I currently manage a scheme that works alongside the Drug Interventions Programme (DIP), which is a key part of the government's strategy for tackling drugs and reducing crime. Introduced in 2003, with new elements having been phased in each year since, the programme aims to get adult drug-misusing offenders out of crime and into treatment and other support. DIP work alongside the police in regards to Operation Anchor, a police lead operation which targets high risk offenders on release from prison, to support monitoring them in the community.

My working life has been based around disadvantaged individuals. I've obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Youth and Community Studies.

Is there sectors that this could be fed into or would I have to consider changing my career?

Any information/advice/guidance would be extremely helpful and would be very much appreciated.

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