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Hi All,

I am an Indian. I got an offer from BA, Argentina. I need to

sell off my entire household to live there. I am married and

my wife needs to leave her job to go with me.

My employer is giving:

1. a fully furnished apartment in Palermo for 2 years


2. Health insurance for me and my wife


Lets assume that I will pay:

a) electricity
b) internet
c) cable
d) Cell phone connection
e) ration
f) I need to use the transport to visit Argentina (like a

tourist. Any estimates for this: radio taxi, AC buses, etc?

Any detailed monthly estimates for the above items in Pesos?

How much the monthly Net Salary (in hand) should i ask for

(giving details on the above items and giving the fact me and

my wife will be going and my wife will not be working)?

Last question: which type of VISA should I ask for my

employer to give me?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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