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This is our experience.

We are of difeerent nationalities (I am russian and he is indian).
We know each other since October 2012. We started to date in September 2013. We llive together since October 2015. We planned out wedding last year but had to postpone it for 1 year due to some reasons (now its planned for end of this year).

So this is the list of documents which we provided:

1. Statements from both of us + my mother’s + his sister’s + 2 mutual friends regarding our relationship.
2. Letter from landlord as proof that we live together. In that letter we purposely mentioned “this is to confirm that Mr… has been living with his fiancé Ms… at the following address…since October 2015.” (we currently are working both in the same company and our accommodation is provided by the company, so our boss is our landlord, this letter is written on company letterhead and proves that we not only live together but that our boss considers us as a couple.)
3. Viber chat history + email screenshots as proof that we keep communicating during periods of separation (we deleted all private information before attaching it, as per email- I made a screenshot of main page so its only visible date, name, email id and email subject).
4. Wedding and birthday invitations from our mutual friends and my relatives (mother and sister) where both our names are mentioned as proof that our friends and relatives consider us as a couple.
5. Whatsapp and email screenshots with our conversations with each other’s relatives and one of our friends also as a proof that they consider us as a couple
6. Evidence of our travels – tickets, hotel confirmations and bills, photos with both our faces and dates.
7. Photo collage (few pages) where we are together travelling or at home (cooking, celebrating smth etc…)
8. Cover letter where we described each document attached and what do we want to proof by this document.
We showed no financial evidence (as a shared bank account) or evidence of our commitments (as a common loan or insurance or a will) as we don’t have it.

Format of our statements – like an essay:
I, …, currently residing at…, make the following statement:
I am in a de facto relationship with …. We have been together since ...

I initially met her (him)… - described when, where, at what circumstances.
Described how did our relationship developed, how we started to date, how we spent time together, socialized –etc.
Described our feelings about each other, characters, what do we like about each other – like explanation why are we together.
Described how we arrange our life together, in detail, like “…is performing household activities like cooking, cleaning…etc and …is performing maintenance of the house such as fixing minor plumbing issues…etc.” Described how do we help and support each other (morally and financially).
Described our financial arrangements – like who is earning, how we are planning spending and how do we spend.
Described how do we spend our free time together.
Described our social life – that our friends and relatives consider us a couple, invite us to private parties (as birthdays or weddings etc), what do they think about us.
There was long period of separation when we were forced by circumstances to live in different countries, almost 1 year, we described why that happened, how did we communicate.
Described our plans for future (including wedding preparations).

Format of our friends and relatives statements:
I, …, residing at following address…,
Telephone number: …

Hereby declare the following about the persons mentioned below:
1. Visa applicant’s name – ….
I have known him since ...
2. Name of applicant partner - ...
I have known her since ...
3. Description how this person came to know us, how often do we communicate.
4. I believe that relationship of … and … is genuine and continuing as… - description why.

I hope this will be helpfull...
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