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Saqa - citp 722


I am a software engineer from India. I have got a job offer from a company in SA for software engineer 3 positions.

I graduated in June 2016 and since then I am working as a software engineer. During college, I did 10 months of internships.

Now for getting the critical skill visa for SA, I see the three required steps:
1. SAQA certificate
2. Registration with the professional body
3. Visa process(form filling and other things)

I am clear about step 1 and 3. For 2 I see that I need to register with IITPSA and it requires 2 years of work experience post-graduation as a must.

Since I already have a job offer for the mid-level position(given to someone with 2-3 years of work experience) do I still need 2 years work experience?

Is a registration and skill certification is a must, I see that directive 22 only asks for registration?

How long does the registration from professional body take?

This is a great opportunity I don't want to lose it because of not having work experience. I am really confused and most of the consultant are asking for a hefty sum of money.

Please help @legalman and anyone who have knowledge about this, I can promise that if I make it I will help others.
Pls try to SAQA - CITP 722, here i am attach for details of CITP. May be it is useful to you.



1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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