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Passport, Residency, Social Security number, possibly proof of address.
You now get a A4 sheet of paper which states your (they no longer issue C/C size plastic cards) carry a photocopy it soon gets tatty.

Medical Region & Sub region
Centre your Registered at
Patient number & Dr. your Registered with
Patient number
Your name, D.O.B, Sex, Nationality and address.

You also need to go to Social Security for a Portuguese EHIC card for treatment in other EU countries, which includes UK.(As your a Resident your UK EHIC card is no longer valid and should be returned or destroyed.

You are entitled to exactly the same treatment and costs as a Portuguese National, from the date of your S/S registration.

The major difference to UK you pay towards the cost of anything at discounted rates but can claim back a % against IRS.

From a tax angle you should keep all medical & prescription receipts Jan - Dec for IRS Return, they must have your name and think for Self Employed NIF number printed on receipts.

Future, your S/S contributions go towards pension and you have an option to pay more for better benefits.

NIF isn't VAT it's your personal Tax Identity with Finanancas
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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