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Hi All

Can anyone offer any advice please as I am a little confused about the whole healthcare system and what I will be entitled to here in Portugal.

So here goes....I am a british national but have obtained my 5 year residency papers here. Have a NIF Number (VAT) and have just started working and been issued with a social segurenca number which I understand is similar to the UK's national insurance contributions.

I am about to register with a local doctor....but...have the following questions...

What documentation will I need to take?
What will the doctor then give me (will this be the Livrete de assistencia Medica) ?
What does this entitle me to and is there a minimum contribution time before I am entitled to any state healthcare?

I'm very healthy at the moment but am thinking ahead and want to make the best choices for my future healthcare now...... I'm 42 so not retiring in the near future (sadly!!LOL) unless those magical euro million numbers come up!!

Any thoughts anyone please?

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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