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Hi All

Can anyone offer any advice please as I am a little confused about the whole healthcare system and what I will be entitled to here in Portugal.

So here goes....I am a british national but have obtained my 5 year residency papers here. Have a NIF Number (VAT) and have just started working and been issued with a social segurenca number which I understand is similar to the UK's national insurance contributions.

I am about to register with a local doctor....but...have the following questions...

What documentation will I need to take?
What will the doctor then give me (will this be the Livrete de assistencia Medica) ?
What does this entitle me to and is there a minimum contribution time before I am entitled to any state healthcare?

I'm very healthy at the moment but am thinking ahead and want to make the best choices for my future healthcare now...... I'm 42 so not retiring in the near future (sadly!!LOL) unless those magical euro million numbers come up!!

Any thoughts anyone please?


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Passport, Residency, Social Security number, possibly proof of address.
You now get a A4 sheet of paper which states your (they no longer issue C/C size plastic cards) carry a photocopy it soon gets tatty.

Medical Region & Sub region
Centre your Registered at
Patient number & Dr. your Registered with
Patient number
Your name, D.O.B, Sex, Nationality and address.

You also need to go to Social Security for a Portuguese EHIC card for treatment in other EU countries, which includes UK.(As your a Resident your UK EHIC card is no longer valid and should be returned or destroyed.

You are entitled to exactly the same treatment and costs as a Portuguese National, from the date of your S/S registration.

The major difference to UK you pay towards the cost of anything at discounted rates but can claim back a % against IRS.

From a tax angle you should keep all medical & prescription receipts Jan - Dec for IRS Return, they must have your name and think for Self Employed NIF number printed on receipts.

Future, your S/S contributions go towards pension and you have an option to pay more for better benefits.

NIF isn't VAT it's your personal Tax Identity with Finanancas
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