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Can anyone advise on registering in order to run a business in France?

SIRAT, APE and registering domain names look like a nightmare.... Do I need them to run a private practice as a professional psychotherapist / life coach, what is the time scale, what is the critical path, ie, do I need to fist get a French identity number, pay French taxes first, what's the starting point?

Penny x

You need to check out the regulated professions legislation as well, to see if there is equivalence between your qualifications and those required in France to practise your job. There are all manner of obstacles in this respect, the French are very slow to conform to an EU free border policy in certain areas!

Registering Internet domain names as far as I know is a matter of choice, ie whether you wish to have your own website; I would have thought a dot com was enough, don't see why you could possibly be under any obligation to have a French domain.

As for the rest, if you are resident in France for more than 6 months pa, then you definitely have to set up as a French business entity in order to practice.

By way of info from this site

To be formally recognized and validated in France like
People who would like to work in France as psychologists and
would like their qualifications from overseas to be formally
recognized and validated in France should contact the following
Commission Equivalence des Diplômes Etrangers en psychologie
Mme Patricia Cantonnet
Direction de l’Enseignement Supérieur
101, rue de Grenelle
F-75007 Paris
Email : [email protected] /
Tel : +

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To run any sort of business in France (other than a casual side business to your regular line of work) you need to register and get a SIRET, possibly two (one for the business, one for you as a professional) depending on the type of business structure you use.

The first thing you have to figure out is what business structures are available to you for the type of business you want to establish. Frogblogger has given you the reference for a first resource. If you're considered a qualified psychologist (or something similar), then there will be certain business structures available for you to choose among. You have to register first and foremost, as that establishes your entity with the various tax and cotisation authorities. They will definitely get in touch with you to tell you how to pay them, when and how much.

Check with your local Chambre de Commerce (a government agency, not the information coalition of businesses we anglo-saxons thing of). Chances are they have some sort of service for people setting up new businesses in the departement (almost anything with the word "entrepreneur" in the title). They can do everything from advising you how to proceed to filling out the paperwork for you (for a fee, but a reasonable one) and more or less holding your hand through the process. As long as your French is up to the task, it's actually a very helpful branch of government.
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