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I'm from Kathmandu, Nepal; willing to apply for a PR visa to Australia under GENERAL SKILLED VISA.

I've few queries before initiating the process.

3] My academic qualification [Bachelor in Business Studies] doesn't match with my current occupation [Sr. Creative Designer / Web Designer]. So will it affect adversely on my skill assessment test? Is it mandatory to match those for getting positive result in skill assessment? Or this thing can be compensated with my work experience on my nominated occupation [Web Designer]? Here we don't have such academic course that covers my current occupation.

4] Is there any assumption that there would be high chance of getting visa if applied under "Employer Sponsorship" than "State/Region Sponsorship"? Would it be wrong if I go for "State/Region Sponsorship/Nomination" ?If I wish to go for "State/Region Sponsorship", is there any specific process or method for this?

5] Does my current occupation [Web Designer] come under SOL? I could see it enlisted under Schedule 2.

It further says that If I tend to apply for a General Skilled Migration visa and I AM nominated by a State or Territory Government, I must nominate an occupation from either Schedule 2 of the Skilled Occupation List. And I could see "Web Designer" is enlisted under Schedule 2. I might have misunderstood this though.

6] Which visa plan would be better for me based on my current circumstance?

Please let me know your thought or suggestion on this.

My basic information:

Age: 31 yrs running

Highest Education qualification: Bachelor in Business Studies

Current occupation: Web Designer

Working Experience: 5+ yrs

IELTS score: yet to take test

I hope I'll get suggestion/help from anyone who has gone somewhat same condition.

Thanks in advance.

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