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Hello All,
Greetings from Bangalore! :)

My PR visa Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) was granted in May 2011.:first:
I could not go to Australia then, So I did my Initial Entry in March 2012 for 10 days.
I can enter Australia anytime within May 2016

Now I'm in India - Due to Various reasons I plan to Move in Jan 2014. My Indian Passport will expire in Apr 2013. So, I have to apply for a new passport.

Question :

1. My initial entry stamp and Visa will be in my Old passport. How do i transfer this to my new passport?
2. If i have both new and old passport - will the PR Visa on the old passport be vaild??
3.should & inform the Aus Immi Dept & apply for a new visa label?

Kindly share your experience & suggest me how i can proceed further.

Thanks in advance.:confused2:
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