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We have recently applied for skill assessment through ACS. The status was at stage 4 in just 2 days and that was a huge relief. Now the status has come down to stage 3 and the mail says that the quota we applied for is not as convincing as per the guidelines and they need us to provide more documents supporting the already furnished affidavits. Sort of worried now, as the docs we filed already were quite elaborate, and total score for assessment was 70, yet there seems to be something missing.
1. Is this quite common??
2. Does this mean we would be forced to change the quota through which we are applying?
3. What are the chances of rejection even with a score of 70? :confused:
4. If the quota is changed and that doesn't qualify under a high requirement category how long does it take in general to process the PR/ does this have no relevance to the actual PR processing once the assessment comes through??

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