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I am planning to apply for subclass 190 PR application to Australia. Occupation ID which I am planning to apply is 263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer. I am an IT professional with around 3.9 years of experience. I have few concerns before applying on the eligibility and my job roles,

1. Out of 3.9 years of experience, I have worked in one company for 2.2 years and another company for 1.7 years (currently working). Although the job roles and responsibilities are same in both the companies, my designation was Test Specialist in my first company and my designation is Senior Software Engineer-QA in my second company. I am concerned if ACS will give me skill set verification go ahead? Will this cause any problem?

2. Am I eligible for applying 190 subclass? I recently heard from an agent that for 190 visa we need to have minimum of 5 years experience (and this was a recent change from ACS an immigration dept of Aus). I did not see this update anywhere in Australlian immigration website. Can anyone please confirm on this?
I have 7 in IELTS and as per the immi.gov.au, I have 60 points. But if it is true that minimum years of exp is 5 then my total points will become 55.

My Points stats
Age - 30
Qualification - 15
Experience - 5 (I will lose this if it is true that minimum 5 yrs of experience is true)
IELTS - 10

3. Is it better to apply a visa through an agent or individually? What are the advantages of getting an agent apart from document preparation and advice on visa interview and stuff?
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