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Hi folks, I'm new here and thought I would open with a question which has definitely been asked before.

The reason I am asking again is there doesn't seem to be any information on this particular field. My other half and I have recently made the trip across to the sand pit. I work in marketing whereas she is a chemist/ scientist.

I was wondering if there were any science specific recruitment agencies which she could use to look for a job. There's a lot of stuff that comes up on Google but it usually seems to be part of a blog post and by the looks of things most people come over here having already gained employment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. She's been actively applying for roles and is on LinkedIn but I doubt that is going to stand her in very good stead based on what we've experienced so far.

All bias aside she is very good at her job and has a pretty senior position back home. She is also open to exploring other industries but science would be her preference as it's what she knows.

If you could point us in the right direction that would be great.


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