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My Japanese citizen wife, during her earlier years working in Japan, earned a modest Japanese pension. (This is the pension that the government provides to people who have worked and paid taxes in Japan). Now she is eligible to begin receiving that pension, but as far as she has been able to figure out from talking to the Consulate in the USA (her other home) or the pension office in Japan, they seem to be telling her that she must have a Japanese resident bank account (in Japan) in order to receive the pension.
That seems wrong.
I spoke with someone in the Japanese Consulate in Barcelona, who agreed that it seems that Japanese people who have not lived in Japan for many years, but are qualified to receive a pension, do in fact receive that pension outside of Japan, including here in Spain. But she said the Consulate doesn't have that specific information.

Are there any Japanese here in Spain who have arranged to receive their age 60+ Japanese state pension withOUT having residence or bank accounts in Japan? Either in Spain or in the US? .. who would like to talk with us about the process?

many thanks,
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