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Going over with family for a week to get a feel for Toronto and suburbs.

Looking for some advise on

Car Rental

Who's cheapest/best and how do the damage waivers work? worthwhile?

Hotel accommodation

Looking for a family orientated hotel near oakville (have inlaws near there we will be visiting) for 7 nights

Suburbs/housing/driving around

we want to drive around a few likely areas, happy to commute an hour or so by car,maybe 1 1/2 by train

Any recommendations on areas to visit and recce?

Any advise on other things to do while over there on a recce? Food shops, insurance quotes maybe?


In interviews in Canada will I be expected to comment or ask for a salry or will I be offered a figure either there and then or afterwards? (assuming I'm successful :clap2:)

And are offers low balled with an expectation of me negotiating upwards or is that considered so cheeky you're not getting the job now?

Flying in on Friday so have weekend to look around, get a feel for things and then interviews early in the week and flying back end of week.

Don't want to waste the opportunity but dont want to end up so stressed/tired I've no idea what the place is really like.

And finally how do you stop yourself from smiling when meeting a prospective employer who's opening remark is "Hahllouuuu"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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