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Hi All
I am planning to reassess my experience again. 1 and half year ago my qualification and experience were assessed but they deducted my initial two year because of which I only can claim 10 point instead of 15. Now I have total experience of 10 years, so if they exempt 1st 2 years from my experience then still I can be able to claim for 15 point in DIBP.
I just was curious whether the process of reassessment is faster than the normal assessment? as I know after changes in ACS rules in January 2014, the normal assessment process has already been speeded up.
I also sent a query to ACS last month and what they have responded is that I can use my existing Login credentials for reassessment. However I asked them whether they speed up process of reassessment or not, but they answer was not clear. If anyone of you need to look at that answer, let me know. I will paste here

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