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Reapplying to DIAC: Need help

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Dear expert expats,
Need ur wise advises....

First let me explain my situation.
  • I got ACS result as 2231-79 (NEC) - non csl/modl in September, 2008.
  • Took IELTS, Me 6.5 and my wife 5.0 on the lowest score - March 7, 2009
  • Applied to DIAC - March 26, 2009
  • Got email from DIAC - no longer in CSL.... Sep, 2009
  • Applied to ACS for another skill assessment - Oct'2009
  • Got ACS with 2231-79 (C# Professional) - CSL/MODL - Dec, 2009
  • Emailed to DIAC with form 1022, new ACS result, asking to replace my previous ACS result - Jan 14, 2010 (documents received at DIAC on 16th by DHL)
  • Lodged PLE 3 times, no reply
  • Got 3rd Reply - They didnt receive the docs :)mad:)
  • Another PLE - 28th Jan - asking to check again.

Now I am in Dialemma -
  • would DIAC accept my new ACS result and put into CSL?
  • Is it what I am asking called 'Change of Nominated Occupation'? (Although I initially mentioned in my Application that I recognise my profession as C# Prof)
  • As my partner sat for IELTS on 7th March, is her validity being expired soon before a re-application?
  • Now if I decide to re-apply, do I have to withdraw/cancel my previous application? How?
Please advise. I have lost one year, and possible 2500 AUD - new application fee. :rolleyes:

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The DIAC announced with the 23rd september changes that you can not change the nominated skill post applying, for that you have to withdraw the application and re-apply. speak to the DIAC and tell them your situation and that you want to withdraw but the IELTS expires soon, but isn't ielts valid for 2 years? if it des, I think they would make an exception since you had already applied a year back.
Hi Anj,
Thanks for your valuable reply. Yes I know change of nominated skill is not permitted, but what I was asking - what if I nominated the same skill earlier, however didn't back by then-ACS result, and now put a new assessment to the same nominated skill? is the nomination stands for what I intended in my 1276 application, or what they decided based on my previous ACS?
Sorry, nevermind - just been too much optimistic and dreamy :)

However, I am now considering for a reapply - thats where i had some questions.
How to withdraw/cancel an application? What if I lodge another application (this time online) without canceling the previous one? should I lodge a PLE saying that I want to cancel?

Also, the validity of IELTS. Yes, its 2 years for primary applicant, and 1 year (to DIAC) for spouse. Is it ok that I apply to diac just before 1 year of IELTS exam date? will it be counted as expired after I lodge my application?

Thank you.
you should apply for it asap then, as on date of the application it has to be valid. if it expires after that, its alright.

Mr.India just withdrew his application and applied again, its best if you can ask him the exact procedure. Also, you can not have two parallel applications at a time, you have to withdraw the previous one to apply again.
Hi Anj,
Just got an update. I just called DIAC and got a representative. He told me that I can expect more weeks before they attach my newly sent documents (form 1022 + new ACS) as it takes weeks to open the envelop and attach. I can live with that, provided by his next update - it is valid to provide a new assessment even after lodging application as long as the ASCO code is the same - mine : 2231-79 (nec) to 2231-79(C# Specialist) - they'll consider it as 'adding specialisation' and put into CSL if valid. He told me to hold patience and wait. Aaaah!!! if it is true what he said, certainly I can!!!! It is always better late then never.

So, i'll wait a bit till they 'attach' my updates to the file, let me know and i'll inquire again to check my new standing....If still it doesnt work out, I'll reapply.

I hope if I get this one right, many others in my same boat can do it, too....

Hi Zonaid

I suppose this can be good news :). Wait till End of Feb-Early March. I am sure you will hear from them soon
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