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Hi all,

thank you for all the knowledge transfer. This is my first post so hopefully not breaking any rules

For years now I have explored jobs in Dubai on and off (while based in NZ and now Australia). I think its time to amp up. I have now gained 6 years marketing experience (3 in airline marketing and 3 in IT marketing) and am now looking to find a marketing manager(lead/demand generation in IT and SaaS) position in Dubai. As an NZ citizen I would expect to see around an AED30k base (realistic?), oh and I would be coming with my wifey who would eventually get a job there too.

I guess I have 2 questions really:

1. To visit Dubai and apply? or to apply while based in Australia? (the former is risky since it can take months apparently to find a job so I would be sacrificing my job here)

2. What should an ideal CV look like to appeal to the UAE market and what other documents are required? I found a website but not sure if its accurate dubaiemploymenttips.com/resume-cv/

Thank you in advance to all for taking time and posting and really paying it forward. I look forward to hearing back.

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