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Hello everybody!

I am currently a Uni student in the USA going to be graduating in May, and I am hoping to find work overseas particularly in Australia. I'm a Bio major looking for Medical Lab Tech work and have a little experience with that kind of job. I have been looking at my options to get over there and I'd like any advice anyone might have.

It seems I could get a subclass 457 only if I've interviewed and already got a job. Ideally I'd like to get this but my lack of experience/certification in Australia are obstacles that might prevent this. I suppose going around online looking for jobs and phone interviews would be the way I'd do that, but I'd think the lack of personally meeting people and whatnot puts me at a disadvantage.

So I was also looking at a subclass 462 to do a working holiday possibly. This gives me a year to work and possibly make connections in the industry to hopefully get sponsored by a business for full-time employment. I don't know how that would work or if it would.

Which leads me to wonder if I might be in a better position to apply for a student visa to take any postgraduate classes or research or internships. This would be less ideal I suppose, but I might be able to direct my studies toward what is relevant to being a MLT. This might allow me to get a certification and more experience to make me more marketable and perhaps I could look to change my visa to be employed full-time there.

So those are basically the paths that I have seen are most probable I suppose. I would just like to know if anyone has experience doing any of the above, the risk, and the likelihood it can lead to a more permanent life out there. I would consider getting a green card/being a permanent resident out there but that looks like another can of worms. For now I would simply like to secure employment in Australia for a long/permanent term.

Other things that might influence my plan is I have a Japanese wife living in Japan right now, a buddy in NSW and contacts here that would help make applying for postgrad/research/internships a lot easier.

Thanks in advance, this is my first post and I hope I did ok! :)
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