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rail travel in France

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Hi All

I've been checking out discount cards for rail travel and am a little confused. Can someone please confirm whether the SNCF Escapades card only gets discounts on rail journeys on weekends, and on distances of at least 200k? It sure looks that way to me.
If this is the case, does anyone know of any other discount rail cards for those in their 30's? Thanks.:)
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I just checked as well for you - you can call up the sncf site in English btw. But anyway, this is what I found ....

Throughout the school holidays, TGV trains are running with 100% low fares! Tickets on sale from 1 June...

Low fares guaranteed!
TGV trains are running this summer with all tickets on sale at Prem's prices, which means low fares for all, first and second class. What's the deal? Fares start from €22 single. Where can you go? To a selection of destinations across France. When can you travel? The offer applies to the last train on Fridays and Sundays every weekend and every day throughout the summer, from 1 July to 4 September 2011.
Book your tickets now!
Tickets are on sale from 1 June to 1 September in stations, SNCF shops, by calling 3635 (34cts per min incl. VAT), from SNCF-approved travel agencies and at www.voyages-sncf.com(new window)

Hope that's of interest to you,


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You could be right Bev :) Frankly the conditions are a bit confusing, to the point that my hubby wasn't even sure what was meant !
You CAN display the site in English.

I've just done a quick check for you on the Interrail site. If you buy the monthly pass for 8 journeys nancy-paris it will cost £283 as compared to £40-41.50 per journey - a saving of £40-50/month, so it might be worth checking out for your needs.

Hi all. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, they're all appreciated.
I contacted the company that provides the SNCF Escapades card, RailEurope by e-mail. They've been very helpful, plus I now have it all in writing, just in case they try to deny what they've told me!
It seems that the SNCF Escapades card is not restricted to travel on any particular days (yay)
Secondly, while the website suggests that the card cannot be used online to book tickets and you'd have to go to the travel centre in London, or book by phone (incurring a fee of £8), you can purchase the ticket at the local station in France. They weren't sure about whether the latter would charge a booking fee, but if they do I can't imagine it would be so steep as £8.
This makes me feel a little better about travel options now, especially since booking my trips home 3-4 months in advance is not something I've ever done
well done :)

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