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rail travel in France

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Hi All

I've been checking out discount cards for rail travel and am a little confused. Can someone please confirm whether the SNCF Escapades card only gets discounts on rail journeys on weekends, and on distances of at least 200k? It sure looks that way to me.
If this is the case, does anyone know of any other discount rail cards for those in their 30's? Thanks.:)
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Yes, it seems that you're right:
La Carte Escapades est destinée aux personnes ayant entre 26 et 59 ans ; les réductions sont valables pour tout aller-retour de plus de 200 km effectué sur la journée du samedi ou sur celle du dimanche, ou comprenant une nuit du samedi au dimanche sur place.
...people between 26-59 years: the reductions are valid for all return trips of more than 200km made on Satudays and Sundays during the day, or including a Saturday night through to Sunday (if the train goes through the night).
SNCF Escapades - Les avantages de la carte

You also earn miles (s'mile points) for each euro you spend, which you can use as they accumulate.

These are the only cards there are:
- Child
- 12-25 years
- Senior 60+
- Escapades
Tiny "précision" on your translation. I think the part that says "ou comprenant une nuit du samedi au dimanche sur place" is kind of like the airlines - a round trip ticket where you spend a Saturday night in the place where you're going. So you could leave Sunday and return the following Sunday and get the reduction using the card. (The card is only good on round-trip tickets and I take it that your travel has to be done on the weekends.)
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