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racially mixed churches

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Can anyone tell me about some racially mixed churches in Durban?
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integrated churches?

all of them.
but unless you live in Umlazi or Kwa-mashu you ar unlikely to drive there, but of you diod,would be welcome anyway.
with the exception of the Afrikaans version of the Methodist Church most churches integrated in the 80's
I've visited a few churches in Durban and most are not what I would call racially mixed. It appears most churches either have no whites or next to no whites or they have all whites. I've found a couple good exceptions, though and am still looking.

Are you looking for a specific denomination MaryR?
No, not really.
Mary R, just curious about your motivation.
are you a black person feeling uncomfortable in an all white church?
are you a white person wanting to feel more comfortable in a church with more black people?
no axe to grind, just wondered why its important to you?
I just think churches ought to be racially mixed. One of the main points of Christianity is we're supposed to learn to get along together.
I tend to feel a bit "on the spot" when I'm the only white person in a black church. It's more relaxing if there are other whites as well as people of other races there. A church of all white people seems not right to me - missing an important call of the church to reconciliation.
Also my husband is black. I want a church where we can both feel at home.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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