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I have a BBA Degree from Stamford University, Bangladesh (Bangladeshis will recognize).
I have gone through the description of courses taken and found that my courses matches the requirement of ICAA/CPA/IPA.

Qualification Requirement: 4 Compulsory and 5 Optional (Minimum 9 to be matched)
Core Knowledge Areas ACCOUNTANT GENERAL 221111
Accounting Systems and Processes compulsory
Financial Accounting compulsory
Accounting Theory compulsory
Management Accounting compulsory
Finance optional
Audit & Assurance optional
Commercial Law optional
Corporations Law optional
Taxation Law optional
Accounting Information Systems optional
Economics optional
Quantitative Methods optional

The Core Knowledge Areas, which are bold, matches the courses taken by me. The minimum has to be 9 but I could match 10 here.

Don't you think this is enough to get the Educational Qualification Points?
I had a discussion about this with an Agent today and he was saying that my University's courses will not match, thus I won't get these points. But he even didn't know what courses I have taken. So how could he just tell me that I won't get these points? What do you think about this? Shouldn't I get these points if I can pass the minimum requirement of ICAA/CPA/IPA???

Please share your honest opinions. Bangladeshis and other experts are requested to response. Will be glad if any Accountant or ICAA/CPA/IPA guy can answer my questions.

Thank you.
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