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Dear people on the expat forum,

We are three students from the Netherlands living in Utrecht. We’re in our senior year on CLZ high school.
We are making a project about moving to Australia and how life became after that. Me and my friends have no relatives that have the experience of moving to a different country and what kind of situations it brings, living in a strange country, meeting new people, a whole new environment. It has a huge impact, and in order to tell the right story we need yours.

You don’t need to fill in personal information like names, etc.

-We only need your experiences, memories what you (and your family) been through when this all took place.
-what did you need to do, to come in Australia (apply for a visa, and how long it took to get it al done).
-Were you came from( native country).
-Did you migrate to Australia for your job or a different reason?
-Where do you live nowadays?
-What do you like about Australia?
-How is life after you moved to Australia?

We would love to read your stories and put them into our presentation and project.
It’s a big part of our project so we hope that you would like to help us.


Willemijn, Tamara, and Kim.

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HI Willemijn, Tamara, and Kim

Welcome to the forum.

I am yet to move, still fighting with the visa. Have you searched the forum, many have shared their experiences. How they are not able to manage or how well they have adjusted, the cost of living, the missing of relatives, the goodbyes yada yada.

Read Kaz101's (another mod here) posts, they are great, she has written about her experiences many a times in the past.

I am sure you will get heaps.

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