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question re: working in france

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I am an australian woman living in south France. I am on a long stay tourist visa that does not allow me to work here. What I would like to know is what my opportunities are to get a working visa here. I would like to stay here long term and after this visa runs out is there anyway of being able to get a working visa.
Thank you
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I'm pretty sure you have to head back to Sydney to get the new visa approved because you are an Australian citizen and thats the only place they do them these days.

Unless you're getting married or anything like that, yeah, I think thats it.

Have you looked at Working Holiday VISA's - ambafrance.au.org if you are between 18-30 years old inclusive, or if not, the other option I know of is the "Working in Metropolitan France (OFII Procedure)".

I "could" be confusing the fact you have to apply in Australia for another VISA. I dont have time to find the quote right now, but there was something about this on the ambafrance.au.org site. Might have just applied to my current working holiday visa...dont quote me, but check that out.
If you're in France on a tourist visa, then you are most likely going to have to go back to Oz to apply for a work visa of any sort. (In fact, for a work visa, you'll first need to get an employer to sponsor you.)

If you're in France on a "visitor" visa (which is different from a tourist visa), then you could conceivably change your visa status if you marry a French citizen while legally living in France.

Past that, you'd have to talk to your local prefecture. Or, if you find an employer with enough "juice" to bend the rules with the local prefecture, you might be able to get away with the change of status.
Just another note, there are no independent working visas like foreigners to Australia can get, ie: to get a working visa you need to have an employer sponsor you.
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