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Question on the palm in the building Oceana :

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I'm not really an expatriate but I booked an apartment for two weeks in July with my family.
I know dubai, having worked in the past.

I booked an apartment on the palm in the building Oceana.

I chose this building because there is not fee to aces pool/beach for shot renting.
Such as the Shorlines appartments we must pay 50ead/day and by person to access beach and pool.

Please, can you give me your opinion on the Oceana ?
if there are shops (market) ?
And there is a agence to rent a car near oceana ?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards
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There's no shops or anything like that at Oceana. There's a restaurant (West 14th) but that's about it. There's a supermarket, pharmacy and some coffee shops in the Shorelines, but at the moment it's not easy to walk there from Oceana. Hopefully they will have finished the landscaping between Shoreline and Golden Mile by July so it would be walkable, but I would imagine it would be too hot for that anyway.
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