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I'm a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2010. I wish to apply for an assessment with Engineers Australia to get assessed as a Professional Engineer.

Since I graduated in 2010, which is before the Washington Accord accreditation for my university. I've applied through the Non-Accredited Qualifications pathway.

In this Pathway the following documents are required.
1. Academic degree certificate
2. Official academic transcript
3. CV
4. Documentation of employment (if 12 months and above)
5. IELTS/TOEFL Score (My result 113, cleared cut-offs for all sections)
6. CDRs
7. Passport Style Photo

I do not have any employment proofs as I've only worked on projects for 2-3 months at max.

Would not submitting any employment history affect your chances of a positive result ? I do not see employment being mandatory or compulsory for the assessment criteria.

Would really appreciate if someone shed some light on this.

Thank you in advance !
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