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Question - Engineers Australia Assesment

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Dear All,

I am glad to be part of this informative forum for expats.

Currently I am planning to move to Australia as skilled Immigrant. By profession I am Telecommunications Engineer with experience of more than 5 years. I got a query.

I did Bachelors in Telecom Engineering (4 Years program). My job tenure breakdown is as follows

Employer1 (Telecom Operator) : Job Title = Network Engineer (1 Year)
Employer2 (Telecom Operator) : Job Title = Operations Engineer (1.5 Years)
Employer1 (Telecom Operator) : Job Title = Technician (2.5+ Years)

Now I want to proceed with my assessment from Engineer Australia. But the job title I am occupying right now is of "Technician (but I am performing total technical job equivalent to Engineer)" beside the fact that my education and past experience was as "Engineer". (The reason of sticking with my current employer is good salary package!!!)

Will Engineers Australia have any problem with assessing me as Telecom Engineer as my current job designation is "Technician"? OR they will consider my CDR and education only.

How much chances are there that I will be recognized as Telecom Engineer?
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i had send my CDR to EA for assessing as Electronics Engineer in 6th February. The current status as per EA is as follows :

"Your application has been received on 06 February 2012.
Please use your CID for further correspondence.

Your file is currently in the queue, waiting to be assigned to a migration skills assessor. The current waiting delay is 12 weeks. Please be patient as we are currently processing applications received on 23 January 2012. "

So, can anyone please tell me how long will they take to get my skills assessed ?

Thank you.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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