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Is there a time limit you must adhere to between submitting/paying/printing the online application and booking the premium appointment?

I wanted to pay the IHS fee and pay/print the online application today so that I can see what premium appointments are available for next week while I wait for a couple of things to arrive in the post this week. Does that sound reasonable?

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Thanks for the update on that and all the best with your FLR

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Thanks for the update on that and all the best with your FLR
That's so kind zakmuh, thank you :) I'll be sure to update here with any news.

I didn't want to start a new thread so wondered if you (or anyone else) could please take a look at my table of contents. Opinions welcome.

I'm hoping we have a straightforward case because we meet the financial requirement, we live and work together and we've been together since 2009 (officially living together in the UK since 2010) and married in the UK in 2011. Both never been married before and neither of us has any children, although we pray we're lucky enough to soon.

Application Documents:
1. Premium Appointment Document Checklist
2. Premium Appointment Payment Confirmation
3. IHS Payment Confirmation and Reference Number
4. FLR(M) Application Form

Personal Documents:
1. Applicant’s Passport (x2)
2. Sponsor’s Passport
3. Passport Photo of Applicant (x2)
4. Passport Photo of Sponsor

Verification Consent:
1. Signed Consent for the Home Office (x3)
2. Signed Declaration for Spouses

English Language Requirement:
1. Postgraduate Degree Certificate from <UK University name>

Evidence it would be difficult for Applicant to establish a Private Life outside the UK:
1. Explained in Applicant’s letter
2. Explained in Sponsor’s letter
3. Mother’s United States of America PR Card (copy)
4. Brother’s Canada PR Card (copy)
5. Father’s death certificate (translated)

Applicant-Sponsor Relationship:
1. Marriage Certificate
2. 36 photographs of Applicant-Sponsor from 2015 to 2017
3. E-tickets of Applicant-Sponsor upcoming holidays in October 2017 and March 2018
<I know points 2&3 aren’t required but I want to include them, and they don’t take up much space>

Financial Requirement Evidence: (Category F)
1. Covering letter from <Accountant firm’s name>
2. Statement of Account (SA302) for the last full financial year
3. Overview from HMRC stating tax payable, paid and unpaid for the last full financial year
4. Annual self-assessment tax returns to HMRC (print-out) for the last full financial year
5. Unaudited financial statements for the last full financial year
6. NatWest bank statements from March 2016 - July 2017
7. Evidence of ongoing self-employment (July 2017 bank statement)
8. Letter from HMRC evidencing Sponsor’s UTR Number
9. Premises Licence <to prove local planning authority consent>

1. Letter from Landlord/Owner
2. Business Lease/Tenancy Agreement - August 2015 (Sponsor)


• Yorkshire Water final bill - September (Joint)
• NatWest Bank Statement - November (Joint)

• Electricity bill - February (Applicant)
• Council Tax bill - April (Joint)
• Barclays Bank Statement - August (Sponsor)
• NatWest Bank Statement - December (Joint)

• Council Tax bill - March (Joint)
• Letter from local MP - May (Joint)
• HMRC letter - June (Sponsor) <do I need a more recent letter?>

Previous Address: <because it’s been just less than 2 years at our current address>
1. Letter from <Letting company’s name> confirming tenancy duration from April 2010 to September 2015 - (Joint)
2. 2 x Personal Alcohol Licence letters - March 2015 (Applicant/Sponsor)
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