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Hello everyone,

I always had a question in mind, but this is the first time i'll ask about it.

So i'm A Moroccan living in Turkey, and i have a Moroccan passport and a Turkish residence permit.

Do i have the right to visit the visa-free countries for Turkish citizens using my Turkish residence permit?

For example:

- A Turkish passport holder doesn't need a visa for Russia.
- A Moroccan does.

But since i have a Turkish residence permit, do i need a visa or not ?


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Generally speaking, no, a residence permit doesn't grant you any sort of visa-free passage to other countries. The EU is something of an exception with its freedom of movement rules - but that's only for Schengen countries, not even for all the EU member countries.

You could check the Russian consulate or embassy website to see what they show as requirements for entry to Russia. Though that could vary, too, between "just visiting" and a longer stay. For other countries, it's on a one by each basis. Very often, what your residence permit does get you is the ability to apply for the appropriate visa through the country of your residence (i.e. rather than having to apply through the embassy in your home country).
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