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Hi Friends,

While I am still waiting for my ACS results (current status of ‘In Progress’ since yesterday evening) I thought of filling EOI. I have a query with respect to my relevant experience. My experience details are as below:

1) Company A
Duration – 2nd June 2003 to 24th April 2004
2) Company B
Duration – 24th April 2004 to 16th Dec 2005
3) Company C
Duration – 19th Dec 2005 to 4th Aug 2006
4) Company D
Duration – 18th Sep 2006 to 3rd Dec 2009
5) Company E
Duration – 7th Dec 2009 to till date

I believe that first 2 years will be gone given the fact that I am holding a Master degree in Computer Application. So I have split the Company B experience into 2 parts and marked the one falling into first 2 years as ‘Not Relevant’. I hope this is the right thing to do. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Additionally, I am thinking ACS assessment letter mentions everything in months where as EOI expects everything in exact dates. So, In case the results stats that post June 2005 I am skilled can I start my relevant experience from 1st July 2005? Please guide?

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