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Hey guys,

One query.
My wife is applying under ICT Business Analyst (job code: 261111).

She is a Computer Science engineer, and has been working with a big four company.
We checked some sample responsibilities for this job code, and hers match with it.

The only thing is that her job title is - Manager, IT Risk & Advisory.

Will it be okay for us to apply under this job code since her job title doesn't include words such as 'business' or 'analyst'?

Many members have got positive assessment under codes different from what the job titles indicate

ACS are more,concerned about the actual roles and responsibilities being carried out by the applicant

If Nearly 2/3 of the RNR match the job description under the ANZSCO code, she should get a positive assessment

They may deduct more years of experience to compensate the shortcomings in her education field and th ANZSCO code, so keep that in mind

Lastly, please don't tailor make the RNR to suit the ANZSCO code instead of her actual RNR, as some members have found it the hard way that it may get caught during verification by DIBP

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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