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Received 189 ITA on 23rd Aug, 2017 round. Now in the process of gathering docs to lodge VISA.

My wife is primary applicant and myself secondary applicant. we have claimed partner points. My wife ACS applied recently(Got +ve ACS on Agu 16th, 2017 for 261312). I had +ve ACS on Oct 16th, 2015 for 261311 which is going to be expired on Oct 15th, 2017. So I had again applid for ACS(261311) and got the +ve assessment on 30th Aug, 2017 by that time we have recieved ITA for 189 visa.

Now, we are in the process of preparing the docs for visa lodge. Can I submit my old and new ACS assessments for visa lodge or should I submit my new ACS when CO asks?. If I submit only my old ACS, who ever given the SD at that time for me left the organization recently. So can submit that old SD or will submit the new SD used for the new ACS assessment?.
Since your wife is the primary applicant you dont need to worry much and I dont see any problem in application as well

Upload both the assessment, old and new SD as well...

Things change from time to time and people are aware of changes... just make sure to inform the person in old SD to say that during his/her duration in the company worked with you as per the details mentioned and now he/she has moved to different company, if he/she gets a verification call
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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