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Query on MSA application for Engineers Australia

Hi fellow expats !

I am about to complete my CDR for professional engineer along with summary statement. I have close to 4 yrs of work experience in an MNC engineering company. Hence to claim 5 points under work experience , I am also applying for relevant skilled employment assessment

I would like to know as to how the skilled employment outcome is provided. Is the number of years considered from the date of submission of application or from the date of assessment outcome ?

Secondly, does Engineers Australia , deduct some years from experience as is the case with ACS or there is no deduction in number of years. I require minimum 3 years as skilled employment to claim 5 points. And I shall complete my 4 years with same employer on 26th June. Should I wait till 27th June to submit my MSA application or it will make no difference to outcome.

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