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I am in the process of submitting an EOI. I had the below queries :

1. As one can select multiple visa's in a EOI application, is it advisable to select Employer Nominated Visas (186, 187 and 457) without having an Employment offer in hand? Do Employers really nominate individuals? I am an IT professional with around 8+ years of experience in Java/J2EE.

2. If multiple visas are selected in a EOI application, and an Invitation to apply is sent out. Is the Invitation specific for a particular type of Visa or the Inivitation is generic and I get an option to decide which visa should i apply for?

The reason I am asking the second question is if i receive an invitation to apply under employer nominated visa and I dont have and dont get an employer nomination, then there is no point selecting those while applying. This query would be applicable for state nominated visas as well.

I was planning to opt for 189, 190 and 489 visas in my EOI application. I am not sure if I should be opting for 186, 187 and 457 visas as they are Employer Nominated.

Your suggestions would be helpful. Please advise.

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