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Hello All,

I am working as a software engineer with 11 Years of experience in Microsoft Technology. I have completed my engineering bachelor degree in Information Technology (4 Years) in India.

After submitting my application to ACS, They have provided the following in their result letter.

1) ACS has approved only 7 Years and 10 Months of work Experience dated on Jan-2015. (FYI, I have applied ACS on Dec-2014)

2) The Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Madurai Kamaraj University completed April 2004 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a major in computing.

Qualification: 15 Points

Age Group: 25-32 (30 Points)

IELTS : Competent Level (0 Points)

After the ACS Skills assessment(Completed on Jan-2015), I am working in the same company with the same designation for the past 6 months(Jan-2015 To Jun-2015). In order to get 8 years of relevant acs experience, i need to include this 6 month. So, Do i need to apply acs once again for getting the updated letter which covers the 6 months period?

Shall i proceed further to apply expression of interest for australian visa(DIBP) with out getting ACS's updated letter?

Kindly guide me.


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ACS Skill assessment

Hi Folks,

One question from you guys before i go to ACS site and submit my documents.
All of work experience documents are original and hard copies, on respected company letter heads, signed by HR managers, Having company stamps on it. My degree is also attested by Higher Education Commission of Pakistani and also attested by United Arab Emirates Embassy.(Currently working in UAE)

NOW MY QUESTION:: When you submitted for your ACS Skill Assessment did you attested it from any other legal person/autohrity or it was submitted as it was.

(BECUASE according to "Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants"
WHAT Certified Documents
All documents must be certified copies of originals and uploaded into the online application form as PDF
A document is a certified copy when the original document is photocopied or scanned and a person
authorised to certify documents stamps and signs the copy, signifying that it is a true copy of the original
The following information is required on each page of your certified copy:
 The words “Certified True Copy of the Original”
 The signature of the certifying person
 The date signed and name of the certifying person
 Registration number or title of the certifying person (eg: Police Officer, Doctor)
 Certification details must be legible on the copy )

Please help.
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