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Hi Friends,
I am in the process of gathering docs for visa lodge 189. I have few queries as mentioned below.
1. My passport has my village name as place of birth whereas my birth cert has the name of my district not village...do you think that this may cause any issues?? I will be filling in forms or everywhere what is mentioned in my passport...?

Whatever written on Passport

2. My marriage cert has only my first name mentioned not full name...do you think can be a issue and if yes what can be done in this regard.

Submit as it is, if in doubt submit affidavits from your parents and your uncle & aunty or by you which I say not required unless asked by CO.

3.Lastly while filling health declarations it asks for nation identity document and other identity document...so my question is do i need to mention about my identity document of india or current one given by Singapore having my foreign identification number.

Your Indian identities viz Aadhaar, Pan,DL VC etc, assuming that you are a Singapore resident but not a citizen/PR of singapore
Your inputs are greatly appreciated

Good luck
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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