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Hi All

New to this forum. I'm looking at a position in Qatar... and some advice.

Anybody got feedback on Qatar - what is it like for a 2+2 family (kids are under ten). Is it easy to get kids into good schools? What is the rental housing stock like?
The job seems to be in Doha, but will be working on a plant in Ras Laffan - what's the commute like?

What's security and safety like? My daughter is a blondie and my wife's all spooked after seeing the film 'Taken'.

What's the going rate for the job? I'm a senior engineer.



Hello Kens,

I'm also new to this forum!!!

For jobs searching I have found some useful sources through google:

Find out opportunities in Qatar, qatarjobscenter dot com
List of Jobs in UAE or UAE jobs – www dot mmask dot ae
Petroleum opportunities in Qatar – www dot qp dot com dot qa
Jobs in Qatar or Qatar jobs – www dot mmask dot qa

I hope those sources will help you to find out jobs opportunities.

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