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Hi All

New to this forum. I'm looking at a position in Qatar... and some advice.

Anybody got feedback on Qatar - what is it like for a 2+2 family (kids are under ten). Is it easy to get kids into good schools? What is the rental housing stock like?
The job seems to be in Doha, but will be working on a plant in Ras Laffan - what's the commute like?

What's security and safety like? My daughter is a blondie and my wife's all spooked after seeing the film 'Taken'.

What's the going rate for the job? I'm a senior engineer.


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Been here for 4 years with 2 kids under 10 was lucky with the schools, places are hard to get.
Housing is expensive, manly built but adequate if you only plan to rent. Ras Laffan is not too bad commute depends if you are driving or company coach, can take 45-75mins.
Thanks for info Waka

How did your kids get on? Does Qatar keep them entertained?
What was the standard of the school like? - which school was it?
Do you give them some room to 'free roam - or do they need to be kept close to home for security?


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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